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When Should You Wash Your Face?

When Should You Wash Your Face?

Washing your face is an important part of your daily skin-care routine. While over-cleansing can be damaging, skipping washing your face can lead to a multitude of skin-care problems. From clogged pores to acne, excessive oil, puffy skin and even an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. Below is a general guideline for when you should wash your face each day.


First Thing In The Morning

During your morning shower, you want to wash your face with a gentle cleanser that will wash away any pore clogging oil that accumulated while you were sleeping. Follow up with a daily SPF moisturiser.


Before You Go To Bed

Before you go to bed each night, you must wash your face once more -even if you are tired and had a late night. If you go to bed without washing off your makeup, you will see the negative ramifications as soon as you awake. Even if you don’t wear make-up, you must wash away oil, dirt, and grime that find their way to the sensitive skin on your face during the day. Follow up with a PM moisturiser, and exfoliate once or twice each week.


After You Workout

If you work out first thing in the morning, you can wait to wash your face until after you work out. However, if you work out mid-day, you should wash your face post-workout. If your skin is extremely sensitive, you may want to wash your face before you work out – so that your makeup does not clog your pores as you sweat. Wash away the sweat again after working out. Follow up with the appropriate moisturiser.


Your Cleanser Must Be Designed For Your Face

The skin on your face is delicate and far more sensitive than the rest of your body. While most body soaps are not designed to be used from head-to-toe, our Natural French Soaps are nature made, chemical-free, and gentle enough to wash your face, while also removing your make-up.

Not only are our soaps gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face, but their naturally derived ingredients allow you to select a soap that will address your specific beauty needs.


Et Toi?

Do you wash your face as often as you should? Do you have a specific routine? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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