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Tips For Keeping Your Feet Soft And Smooth

Tips For Keeping Your Feet Soft And Smooth

There is nothing worse than rough and dry feet. You may struggle more with dry feet during the cooler winter months, or your frequent trips to the beach may make the summer a more challenging time to keep your feet looking their best. Turn to the easy tips below to keep your feet soft and smooth all year round.


Use A Natural Pumice Stone Or Soap Once Or Twice Each Week

If you struggle with thicker skin on your heels, or the sides of your big and small toes, using a natural pumice stone or soap is an easy way to keep this dry skin exfoliated. Avoid the temptation of rubbing too hard, and instead be consistent by gently exfoliating twice each week.


Lotion Socks

Lotion socks can be purchased online or in your local department stores, but you can instead use a simple pair of casual socks. Designate one pair of thick and comfortable 100 percent cotton or 100 percent bamboo socks as your lotion socks. Lather your feet with lotion each night before bed, and place the socks on your feet while you sleep. The goal is to wear the same socks repeatedly, allowing the lotion to penetrate the fibres of your socks. Since you only wear the socks at bedtime, they only need to be washed once a week. Wear nightly until your feet begin to feel smoother, then scale back to 1 or 2 days a week.


Professional Pedicure

If you have really let your feet go, or want to get your feet spring and summer ready, a professional pedicure might be the best way to go. Not only will your polish look perfect, but the professional exfoliating tools will accelerate the process of smoothing dry areas.


It is easy to keep your feet soft and smooth, with minimal changes to your weekly beauty routine.


Et Toi?

Do you struggle to keep your feet smooth and soft? What methods do you use to look after your feet? If you have any tips on looking after your feet, please share them in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.

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