So, What’s All The Buzz About Honey?

So What's All The Buzz About Honey

Whether you use honey to cook, bake, or simply sweeten your tea, you may be missing out on the powerful properties of this antioxidant filled nectar. Honey can be used for far more than making your foods and beverages taste good. Below is just a handful of ways that honey can enhance your life from the inside out.


Naturally Address Seasonal Allergies

While allergies may not keep you home from work, they can leave you in a groggy fog that makes getting through the day a challenge. With the sinus pressure, congestion, runny eyes, and sneezing, the season can seem to go on forever. Even when taking over-the-counter or prescription medicine, most medications only mask your symptoms and leave you feeling drowsy.

This is why many are turning to locally produced honey to naturally address their seasonal allergies. The thought process is that the bees pollinate the same flowers that are causing your allergies, therefore providing you with a natural defence.


Soothes Sore Throats And Suppresses Coughs

While you may add a bit of honey to sweeten your hot beverages, you can also turn to tea with honey when you have a sore throat or a cough. You can try either of these:


  • Take 2 straight teaspoons of honey before bedtime
  • Add 2 teaspoons of honey to your favourite tea – caffeine-free herbal tea if before bedtime
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of honey with warm water and 1 teaspoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice


Unprocessed honey also contains up to 80 essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, meaning that you can turn to honey to help boost your immunity all year-round.


Treat Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, And Diabetic Ulcerations

Honey has both astringent and antibacterial properties, making it an effective treatment for cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburns, and diabetic ulcerations. Unprocessed honey can be applied directly to such skin ailments, to sooth inflammation and aid in the healing process. It can be used in a similar manner as antibacterial ointments and creams – just ensure dressings are changed with regular frequency.


Condition Hair And Scalp

Honey can also be used to condition your hair and scalp. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and leave on damp and clean hair for 20 minutes prior to rinsing. This combination can be applied weekly as a deep conditioner, which will also add lustre and shine and can also be used to treat dandruff and itchy scalp.


A Regular Part Of Your Skincare And Beauty Routine

There is a multitude of reasons to turn to honey as part of your regular skincare and beauty routine. The challenge to adding honey to your skincare and beauty routine is that it is a runny and sticky mess. The good news is, that you can use Natural French Soap’s honey bar soap as an alternative to using honey directly from the bottle or jar. Honey can be used:


  • As a face mask
  • To remove make-up
  • To clean and treat minor scrapes and abrasions
  • To soothe and soften skin
  • To hydrate and nourish skin
  • As part of your anti-ageing routine
  • As a natural acne treatment
  • To fade scarring


If you are yet to use honey as a regular part of your skincare, beauty, or health routine, the explanations above are just a few reasons to turn to unprocessed honey products. Remember, if you want to avoid the mess of topical honey treatments, turn to our 100% natural honey soap.

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Et Toi?

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