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Parabens – Why Choosing Paraben-Free Skincare And Beauty Products Is A Must!

Parabens - Why Choosing Paraben-Free Skincare And Beauty Products Is A Must!

The negative effects of the man-made chemicals in the foods we eat, has many of us thinking twice about our daily diets. While study after study confirms that chemicals in foods can be linked to a multitude of health concerns, we must not forget our bodies largest organ, which is also significantly more susceptible to harmful chemical exposure – by this, I am referring to our skin.


What Are Parabens?

Parabens are preservatives added to a multitude of skincare and beauty products. This includes body lotions, liquid make-up, and even the soap you use in the shower. While the goal of adding parabens is to provide a longer shelf life, the potential risks of parabens simply cannot be ignored.


Why Should You Choose Paraben-Free?

Just as with the chemicals found in many food preservatives and processed foods, the chemicals in parabens are believed to increase the risk of chronic disease, cancer, fertility problems, hormonal imbalance, and develop mental disorders.


Natural French Soap – 100% Paraben-Free

At Natural French Soap we are committed to providing you with 100% paraben-free soap. Not only are all of our handmade soaps 100% paraben-free, they are made from all-natural ingredients designed to help address many of your skincare concerns. This includes acne, anti-aging, skin abrasions, severely dry skin and much more!

On top of the risk for paraben exposure in most mass produced soaps, the chemical ingredients will dry and even damage your skin. Since Natural French Soap contains only ingredients found in nature, you can rest ensure that your skin is well cared for.


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