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Olive Oil Soap Benefits – Have a Skin You Can Be Proud Of

Olive Oil French Soap

You Cook With It, Dress Your Salads With It So Why Not Wash With It Too?

We are, of course, talking about that most versatile of oils, Olive Oil. Its properties as a cooking ingredient are well known and everyone knows that it forms the basis of an excellent salad dressing, but how many people know that Olive Oil is also an increasingly popular ingredient used in making soap?


Although it is probably one of the lesser known facts about Olive Oil it certainly is not something which has only just become known. The use of Olive Oil as a body cleanser goes back at least to Ancient Egyptian times and probably even further than that. Recipes for making soap with Olive Oil have been around for centuries and it was first believed to have been produced commercially in France as far back as the 6th century. During this time production was made on a larger scale in the area of Provence, France and for a long time, it was known as Savon de Marseille (Marseille soap) for that reason.


So what then are the main qualities of Olive Oil when used in soap making? Here is our list of 3 essential Olive Oil soap benefits:


1 – Olive Oil Is A Natural Emollient

In other words, it moisturises the skin at just the right level leaving it smooth and soft. It does not clog the pores as is the case with some moisturisers. It is so effective as an emollient that Olive Oil soap can even be used to shave with, without the need for a shaving cream. Unlike other soaps, it does not dry out the skin after shaving.


2 – Olive Oil Soap Has Antimicrobial Properties

There are polyphenols present in olive oil which have been shown to have resistance to several forms of bacteria which can affect humans in very unpleasant ways. These include salmonella, cholera, staphylococcus and pseudomonas. Olive oil, when used as an ingredient in soap, provides a range of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to the user and gives a level of protection against these, and other, forms of contamination and infection.


3 – Olive Oil Soap Has Extensive Antioxidant Properties

As already mentioned, Olive Oil contains a number of substances known as polyphenols. These substances protect against oxidative stress and also assist in reducing complications that are related to skin damage caused by overexposure to the sun. Using Olive Oil in soap is also believed to help to prevent skin cancers.

Olive Oil also contains several vitamins including vitamin E and vitamin K in addition to a number of essential fatty acids which are known to be beneficial to the human body in many ways. Vitamin E is known to help with natural collagen production and is beneficial to the skin whereas Vitamin K can be used for treating spider veins and dark circles under the eyes.


So there you have it, Olive oil soap benefits, so I hope this article encourages you to treat your skin and give it a try. 


Et Toi? (and you?)

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