Monoi Oil – The Fragrant Polynesian Miracle Oil

Monoi Oil - The Fragrant Polynesian Miracle Oil

The Healing Benefits of Monoi Oil: The Fragrant Polynesian Miracle Oil

So, by this time we’ve all heard of various oils like Moroccan Argan Oil, which can be used to treat dry skin conditions, as well as premature ageing. However, there’s a new fad that’s sweeping the world, and that’s Monoi Oil. Monoi Oil comes out of Polynesia and is basically a special infused coconut oil.


Monoi oil was used in the ancient times of Polynesia by priests in ceremonies to purify people and things. It’s actually known as “the sacred oil” by the Polynesians. Monoi oil can be traced back some 2,000 years to the Maori tribe of New Zealand. Maori people use Monoi oil to protect against the elements when boating and some Maori divers still use the oil today to protect against the sand and salt water.


As you can see from its unique history, Monoi oil is truly a special oil. Monoi oil is made by soaking the flower blooms of the Tahitian gardenia, also known as the Tiare plant. in coconut oil. The tradition of making this special oil, as well as its application, is passed down from generation to generation of Polynesian people. Polynesia women, especially, use Monoi oil on their hair and skin to protect against the sun and surf.


Monoi oil has a variety of uses for the hair and skin. Many people choose to use Monoi oil after showering to lock in the skin’s protective moisture barrier, while others use it as a hot oil hair treatment. However, Monoi oil can also be beneficial as a massage oil, as a pain-relieving balm for sun rash, and as a bath infusion. However you choose to enjoy Monoi oil, you can reap all of its healing benefits for your skin, and take part in its unique and long lasting legacy, simply by using natural Monoi Soap.


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