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Lime – Fight Against Acne and Aging

Lime - Fight Against Acne and Aging

The botanical name of the essential oil of lime is Citrus aurantifolia . Other names used are Citrus medica and Citrus latifolia . The essential oil is extracted from the peel of certain varieties of acidic limes such as those of Mexico or West Indian .


The Lime can be found in tropical regions of Asia , Mexico, the Caribbean and parts of the United States, which have now become the major producing regions of lime. Mexico is currently the top producer of the essential oil of lime , followed by Peru , Cuba and India. Lime juice was first used as medication due to it being extremely rich in vitamin C. It was given to sailors who would spend a long time at sea to prevent scurvy.


Lime - Fight Against Acne and Aging
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The essential oil of lime acts as an antibacterial agent and fight against infections. Respiratory disorders such as bronchitis , asthma and sinusitis can also be alleviated by the essential oil of lime.


The essential oil of lime can repel mosquitoes and other insects. It is an important ingredient in citronella candles and topical lotions that repel mosquitoes .


In cosmetics, the astringent effect of the essential oil of lime is seen as a vital ingredient in many products, including soaps and creams, to treat acne and the scars it leaves behind. It has disinfectant properties to clean cuts and wounds and protect the skin . The antioxidant properties of lime are well known for helping reverse the signs of ageing and also fighting against free radical damage. Essential oil of lime is also claimed to be antimicrobial, antifungal, anti- allergic and anti-inflammatory among other therapeutic properties.


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