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Donkey Milk – A Royal Beauty Solution You Can Afford

Donkey Milk - A Royal Beauty Solution You Can Afford

Some beauty solutions are tried, true, and timeless, such as Lait d’Anesse milk, which you might also know as donkey milk. This is a royal beauty solution that the queen of Egypt was said to bathe in daily. Queen Cleopatra was known for her exquisite beauty, and it is said that she kept no less than 700 donkeys in order to provide her with enough milk for her daily bath. The good news is, you can easily access this luxurious and nutrient-rich beauty solution in a variety of daily beauty products. Below are just a few benefits of this timeless and trendy milk.


Anti-Aging And Beauty Benefits

Lait d’Anesse naturally contains some of the most effective anti-aging and beauty-boosting vitamins and nutrients. This includes vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as essential fatty acids, protein, phospholipids and ceramides. Together this natural blend of ingredients works to heal, regenerate, moisturise, improve elasticity and smooth your skin. Basically, it does everything you need a beauty product to do.

You can begin using donkey milk soaps, creams, lotions, and bath products as a proactive approach before the signs of ageing begin to set in, or after they have begun to show. Either way, donkey milk will help to slow the signs of ageing.


Lait d’Anesse Body Care For More Than Just Beauty

While the anti-aging benefits of donkey milk are why many are turning to this luxurious beauty solution, it is a far from the only reason to consider Lait d’Anesse beauty products.

Donkey milk is safe to use from head-to-toe, and its nutrient-rich natural properties are ideal for sensitive skin – even for toddlers and infants.

Those who struggle with psoriasis and eczema also find donkey milk products to be sensitive enough for their delicate skin. Not only that, but the natural healing properties of Lait d’Anesse even help to treat and heal flare-ups and skin irritations. It will also help to treat and soothe acne and small abrasions.


You Can Drink Donkey Milk Too!

Cow’s milk and lactose-free milk products such as soy milk or almond milk might get most of the attention, but they certainly aren’t the only dairy products to choose from. In recent years, the demand for both donkey milk and products made from donkey milk has been on the rise. Since donkey milk’s composition is as close to human milk as any other type of mammal milk, it is an excellent alternative to those with dairy allergies.

Depending on where you live, donkey milk for cooking and consumption might be a bit tricky to come by, but you are sure to find donkey milk chocolates, cheese, and just about every other dairy product out there. Even Pope Francis drank donkey milk as a child!


Natural Solution

Another reason to consider donkey milk for both food and beauty is that it is an excellent chemical-free solution to health and beauty. We know, at first it might sound a bit odd, or even uncomfortable to drink, eat, or apply products made from donkey’s milk (especially when it is sometimes referred to as ass milk), but after you get past the initial shock of trying something new, you are sure to find that the benefits are too impressive to ignore.

Whether you are simply looking for an effective beauty solution, or are exploring other culinary alternatives to cow’s milk, donkey milk can easily find its way into many areas of your daily routine.


Et Toi?

Have you tried donkey milk? For drinking or as a beauty product? Does the idea of donkey milk disturb you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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