Does Bar Soap Carry Germs?

Does Bar Soap Carry Germs

One question that continually pops up in one form or another, through emails or at live events is this: Does bar soap carry germs?

Well, the straight answer is yes and no. That’s cleared that up then. Let me explain…

Germs are not attracted to soap, they are attracted to water. So if you leave your soap in a moist environment, say on the side of the bath in a pool of water, then yes, your resulting slimy soap will attract germs.


The next question is, therefore, “Well, isn’t that bad?”

The truth is that it is highly improbable that these germs will cause a skin infection or indeed make you ill, so they will have no consequence to you. Sharing your favourite soap bar with other family members is nothing to worry about either, as in all probability you will all share many of the same micro-organisms in any case. Using bar soap in public areas, though, is probably not a great idea.

If you have a seriously compromised immune system, it may be advisable to show a little extra caution, in which case liquid soaps would probably be your first choice. But for most of us, our bodies will happily and effectively, fend off the germs and we need not worry.

There are one or two simple things that we can do to eradicate the germs on our soap – well perhaps three:


1. Rinse Your Bar of Soap

It is a good idea to rinse your soap under running water to get rid of any slimy outer surface, before lathering up. The slime is where the germs will be lurking.


2. Allow Your Soap to Dry

After each use, place your soap in a place where it can properly drain and dry. Germs tend to like holding their meetings in moist environments, so allowing your soap to dry, can help prevent this.


3. Use Two Bars of Soap

Consider alternating your soap bars to allow enough drying time between each use.
I hope this article goes some way to answering the original question “Does bar soap carry germs?” and alleviates any concerns you may have. If you did find this useful, I would really appreciate if you shared it using the share button below. If you need to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.