Brilliant Basil

Brilliant Basil

Basil is a universal herb that can be enjoyed with pasta, as a tulsi tea, as a savoury spice, a salad garnish, or as an innovative way to flavour gelato and bread. But have you ever thought of turning to basil as part of your health and beauty routine? Below are just a few ways this leafy green can be used outside the kitchen.


Basil For Oral Care

Dried basil leaves or dried tulsi powder can be utilised as a natural toothpaste. Mix with mustard oil, to make brushing easier. Not only will this natural toothpaste clean your teeth, but it will fight bacteria causing bad breath and improve your gum health. In fact, Holy Basil essential oil can even be used topically to treat periodontal disease or otherwise swollen and inflamed gums.


Bug Bites, Scars, And Eczema

If you are searching for a natural way to both soothe and heal painful insect bites, eczema, and minor burns and abrasions, basil can be applied topically. Even after your abrasion has healed, continue to implement basil efficient.


Natural Head-to-Toe Acne Treatment

Basil naturally detoxes your skin and contains potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties – making it an excellent treatment for both teenage and adult acne. Fresh or dried basil leaves aren’t easy to apply topically, which makes our basil body products an easy and effective way to treat your acne from head-to-toe. And remember, our handmade French soaps are gentle enough to use on both your face and body.


Anti-Ageing Properties

As mentioned above, basil detoxes your skin, which helps to minimise your pores, reduce the production of oil, and fully cleanse away the ageing toxins your skin comes into contact with each day. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, plenty of rest, SPF protection, and nutrient-rich facial moisturiser, you can slow the signs of ageing, and enjoy healthy glowing skin.

These are just a handful of the health and beauty benefits you will enjoy with your favourite variety of basil!