6 Reasons To Love Lemon Verbena

6 Reasons To Love Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is a tropical shrub with leaves that can be used to cook, bake, or press into an essential oil. Verbena possesses many powerful healing benefits, both internally and externally. Whether you enjoy its district citrus aroma, or its lemon-fresh flavour, or both, here are 6 of the many reasons to love lemon verbena.


1. Appetite Suppression

Lemon verbena leaves can be dried and used to brew a delicious lemony tea. While the flavour profile is a refreshing way to start any day, the added bonus of drinking a few cups of this tea throughout the day is it will help to suppress your appetite between meals. At only 2 calories per serving, it will also contribute to your daily hydration and provide a multitude of internal benefits.


2. Ease Digestion

Even if appetite suppression is not your primary goal, lemon verbena tea (either hot or cold) will help soothe and ease digestion. It can help to eliminate cramping and bloating and to address indigestion. Use when feeling sick to address occasional digestion or drink daily to combat ongoing digestive issues. A fast and easy way to cold brew is to place 6 tea bags in a pitcher of water and let sit overnight. Remove tea bags, stir, and enjoy!


3. Soothe Aches And Pain

Lemon verbena is packed full of the essential antioxidants, responsible for helping your muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves recover from physical activity, repetitive motion, arthritis, and general joint and muscle pain. This makes verbena a choice food and drink for athletes because its anti-inflammatory properties work internally and externally.

For external application, our handmade lemon verbena soap is an easy way to enjoy the healing benefits of verbena. Also, consider mixing a couple of drops of lemon verbena essential oil into your body lotion or massage oil.


4. Aroma Therapy

Lemon verbena is a fragrant plant with a distinct citrus aroma. Whether enjoying the aroma of your steaming verbena tea, lathering yourself with your verbena beauty bar, or using verbena essential oil to infuse your home with a delightful lemon scent, you will enjoy the refreshing, yet calming, benefits of verbena. Use verbena for aromatherapy when feeling stressed, depressed, or low on energy.


5. Soft, Smooth, And Puff-Free Skin

All of our handmade French soaps are gentle enough to be used from head-to-toe. Our verbena blend is packed full of essential nutrients that help to nourish your skin and alleviate inflammation, including easing puffy morning eyes. Use this beauty bar to remove your make-up at the end of each day and to refresh your face in the morning.


6. Increased Immunity

When you eat or drink foods and beverages made with flavourful lemon verbena leaves, you will enjoy the immunity-boosting-benefits of this nutrient and antioxidant-rich herb. Tea is fast and easy but look for creative, new ways to add more verbena to your diet. Its lemon fresh flavour is the perfect way to brighten any dish, and verbena goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes.


As you can see, nature provides powerful plants and herbs, designed to support our health and beauty from the inside out. Verbena is just one of the few powerful plants you can use to support your natural and healthy lifestyle. Use it as a daily or weekly go-to, or as needed to address your health and beauty needs.


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